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A walk in the park

personomancers suck, magick heroin is too good, and god knows what to say about demons


Dave pulled the Problem Solvers together after giving them a day to get Martin’s guts out of their hair. Before asking them to explain how the fuck some kid ended up plastered all over Wraith’s apartment, he introduced them to Jax, a local handyman who only seemed to take Underground jobs. It turns out Jax narrowly missed having a gruesome first day as a Problem Solver.

Everyone talked Dave through what happened, mentioning that they’d cut both Suzie and Stanley lose, although [[:aaron-garner|Aaron had made sure to give both of them one of his business cards. As they explained this, though, they started to realize they should probably check in with the two of them.

Oh, had anyone heard from Duke? Dave hadn’t either. Damn.

Before he left, Dave mentioned that [[:conner-atwood|Conner]] (who was absent from this meeting) passed on some intelligence about Bobbie’s plutomancer problem to Dave (was that a pointed look at Aaron?) and that Dave was very concerned about taking care of this Lester Silver guy. Yes, yes, he realizes that Wraith is missing and kids are blowing up and everything is terrible but he wouldn’t ask you guys to get involved if it wasn’t really important_.

Oh, also, Bobbie was getting anxious and decided his bodybag, Nadia Savidge, was going to be tagging along today (and making sure you all aren’t fucking up). With that, Dave smiled, wished them good luck, and walked off.

Magick Time

Kate started off by calling the kids. Suzie picked up but it sounded like Stanley’s phone had been disconnect. That’s not ominous AT ALL. Kate was full of heart and stuff and arranged to pick Suzie up at a local cafe, hoping to talk to her about Martin and try to make sure she was okay.

Once everyone heard that Stanley was missing, Kenji started on about a ritual he knows to find things and if Stanley had Aaron’s business card then they could find Stanley. Jordan reminded Kenji that the two of them had a date in an altered state in hopes of giving Kenji a clean slate that was less likely to end in explodey death times. Kenji was insistent they try the ritual however and the office was soon abuzz with occult activity.

Everyone ended up back in the conference room to find Kenji and Aaron peering over maps (Google and otherwise) while Kenji held onto a pendulum that was pointing in a way a normal pendulum shouldn’t. They finally figured out Stanley (or at least Aaron’s business card) was someone in Forest Park but… well… Forest park is really big (over five thousand acres).

That’s when Nadia spoke up. She knew something, but it wasn’t fun and the people around needed to be okay with some spooky shit. However, with Jordan feeding Kenji heroin and Kate have a heart-to-heart with Suzie, Aaron and Jax got to follow Nadia to a supply closet, where she spoke ominously and then apparently summoned a demon. Although, something went terribly wrong and she ended up possessed, which didn’t seem like what she was going for.

The demon’s name was Trevor and he eventually fixated on wanting a walk. At some point, Jordan walked in and looked vaguely freaked out. Trevor argued a lot, constantly changing the terms of the agreement he wanted, and eventually drew a creepy map of Stanley’s location in exchange for a walk with Kate. Luckily, he either couldn’t fight or wasn’t interested in trying, so nothing bad happened (that you know of).

Meanwhile, Kenji, blissed out, finally got to talk about his experiences with the Sleepers. He also had to keep reminding people to tell him that he should never do heroin again ever.

Forest Park

Everyone finally ended up at Forest Park (although Kate was a little lost and Kenji’s current state didn’t make him a good navigator). They didn’t really get to enjoy the scenery though. Nadia, who was still freaked the fuck out after her summoning-gone-wrong (even with the help of Kate’s optimism), got hit with something and fell. Jordan gave her a once over and declared it internal bleeding, thus necessitating that he get her to a hospital. Terrible.

Aaron, Kate, and Jax went to the spot Trevor marked, where Stanley was. Stanley seemed freaked out… but also kind of freaky. Kate realized something was seriously up just as Aaron had hoisted Stanley onto his back and shit started to go down. “Stanley” turned out to be a personamancer with a lot of juice. He did something that was just shy of invalidating Kate’s existence, tried to turn into Aaron, and eventually forced Kate to stare into the terrible depths of terrible.

Also, whenever you punched the personamancer, the real Stanley, who was tied up in a custodial closet, appeared to take the blow.

With the help of Jax’s… ring?… Aaron and Jax found Kate and got back to her, just in time for her to freak out (terrible depths are terrible) and start beating the shit out of the personomancer, which in turn did some serious harm to Stanley. Jax almost shot Kate, Aaron wielded a stun gun, and everyone eventually made it to the parking lot, only to realize that Jordan had taken both Aaron and Kate’s keys.


A few phone calls later, Jordan returned, realized Stanley was getting a bit too close to dying, and there was a flurry of activity as everyone tried to keep everyone alive and calm. Before people could leave, Jax saw someone… a woman? Running. Aaron and Kate took off (although Kate’s very bad terrible no good day was showing and Aaron quickly out paced her).

Aaron ran down a path, was isolated from the group, and saw a beautiful blond woman. She smiled and suddenly everything he cared about on his person went up in flames. Fuck.


The Problem Solvers were, again, around a conference table (in a different office building— summoning a demon seemed like it wouldn’t be a good way to keep a place secret). Jordan left Stanley, still alive, with Elwood and they had the personomancer tied up well and good. As they were debating the best course of action (“Who has the right temperament to interrogate a personomancer?”), Bobbie called. After pushing, hard, Aaron mention Lady Napalm.

Bobbie was quite for a moment and said, “We’re all fucked.” click

Thanks, Bobbie.



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