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#*$%ing Adepts...

August 23, 2012

Rich People Problems

Conner Atwood entered the conference room on the heels of Bobbie’s dick-move of a hang up. In addition, theProblem Solvers had an obnoxious thespian tied up in the conference room and were trying to figure out what to do with him. In good Conner style, he’d barely entered the room before he began talking about his problems and his day. Apparently Dave had sent him out to figure out what was going on with Duke and, well, something was definitely up.

Conner’s new friend, Morris Pond, agreed to meet him for drinks and mentioned that 1) he was now unemployed, 2) the airfield was closed or possibly changing ownership, and 3) apparently something happened, a scandal maybe, and his family is falling apart. Apparently Conner followed up by heading up to the ol’ Irvine estate and found the place in shambles. Like, the kind with brambles. The whole place was overgrown, musty, and looked like it hadn’t been inhabited in years.

Aaron mentioned that Jerri Bressler, his AUrachne colleague, said something weird was going on when she tried to search for the Irvines. Also, apparently, there were some weirdos freaking out about AUrachne and the Truth and a bunch of other stuff.

However, it was hard to justify worrying about some rich dickbag when there was a fricking Personamancer tied up in the conference room!

The Man in the Conference Room

The Problem Solvers knew they needed a plan. After the Personamancer caused Kate to go on a million terrible-magical-journeys in less than ten minutes, they all realized they needed to approach this kid with caution. Also, there was the whole Stanley issue. Poor Stanley.

So, the plan was laid out:

  1. Kenji McKillny mentioned he heard something about juicing phonies by having a picture of them as their “true selves.” He asked if anyone had a polaroid, but realized that it was 2012 and he’d just have to use his camera phone.
  2. Since Jack seemed like he had less personality than everyone else, he also seemed like an alright interrogator. Also, you know, he’s done the whole interrogation thing before. Professionally, even.
  3. Since Kate is a logistical genius, she realized they could use conference phones to be in constant contact. Also, since Kate is a badass, she agreed to back up the whole thing.

However, you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Duke of Bummersville

As the Problem Solvers were eagerly preparing, a very haggard looking Duke suddenly appeared and he had quite a story to tell. Apparently his entire life (including wealth, history, family line, etc.) was a lie constructed by his mother, a powerful Cliomancer, in the wake of his father’s death some number of years ago. Given that Duke’s only real contribution to, well, anything was being rich and charming, this was the definition of “bummer.”

In addition, Duke seemed convinced that Dave had something to do with it and was terrified about what would happen next.

Jordan, who can sympathize with someone with nowhere else to turn (unlike Aaron, who cracked a joke at the poor little rich kid’s expense), intervened and started trying to think of ways to help. Although Conner was opposed to the idea, Jordan took a walk with Duke and convinced him to try to get help from Lucy.

Conner, meanwhile, seems deeply suspicious.

Goddamn Adepts

Jack, apparently, decided now would be the time to reveal whatever personality he had under all those layers of “possibly just a sociopath” and freaked the fuck out the moment he saw the pseudoman’s face. Kate quickly subdued him, and dragged him into the hall, Aaron and Kenji rushed in shouting, and there was generally a lot of noise and chaos.

Aaron started asking the Personamancer questions, getting louder and louder as he went. Finally, the kid, Cloak, who is also named Felix, said, “The end” and someone hit Aaron on the back and large, bloody gashes sprung forth on his hands. Goddamn adepts.

The fight was frantic and kind of a clusterfuck. Kenji tried to hit the fleshworker with a chair and ended up matching Aaron’s hand wounds. Kate tried to hit him with a bat and alternated between hitting the air, hitting the floor, and hitting the assailant. Jordan reappeared and tethered the epideromancer to the floor. Conner tried to get Jack to wake up, to no avail and Jax sat around and looked cool and maybe shot him with a self-aiming gun?

Eventually, order was restored and the epideromancer was knocked out, tied up, and dragged out of the room. At this point, Jordan went about his fixer-upper (instead of upper-fixer) business and started patching Kenji up. Unfortunately, by the time he got to Aaron he’d done a few too many drugs and passed out mid-stitch. Ow.

At this point, Cloak began eagerly offering his assistance. People were skeptical, but Aaron was bleeding something awful and Cloak obviously had no charges, so they undid his hands. Much to their surprise, he did nothing more than first aid, and did a good job at it. He looked very pleased with himself.

Unfortunately, Aaron maced him.

Cloak & Dagger

Kate and Kenji dragged Cloak out of the room, crying and clawing at his eyes, since Aaron clearly needed “alone time.” They found a sink, washed his eyes out, and eventually he was able to start talking to them. Cloak, it turns out, is surprisingly friendly. You know, when he’s not ripping his face off and revealing the deeply disturbing depths of un-reality. Luckily for the Problem Solvers, Cloak also likes talking about things. Lots of things.

  • The epideromancer is Cloak’s brother Ben who goes by “Dagger” (I know, I’m the worst).
  • Cloak and Dagger belong to a group called CYGNUS that is really interested in the Apocalypse.
  • There’s something weird about Stanley or Cloak is just a Stanley-racist.
  • Jack is his… big brother? Wait, no. That doesn’t make sense. Jack is, like, 19 and Cloak and Dagger are clearly older.

At some point, Dagger woke back up to Conner, Aaron, and Jax trying to figure out what to do with, well, everything. He was also willing to talk (no one really knows what their plan or end game or whatever is).

  • Wait, Aaron, don’t you remember going to school with Felix? Oh, right, yeah. Apparently back in Chicago there was a serial killer and his three sons and the eldest committed suicide and killed the father, or something? Yeah, that’s where Cloak & Dagger (and apparently Jack) come from.
    • Don’t call Dagger “Ben,” his father was the last person to do that and he was clearly terrible.
    • In fact, he was an avatar of the Dark Stalker.
    • Jack ran away four or so years before whatever terrible incident happened and Cloak & Dagger were left with their father, young, helpless, and stuck.
    • Jack is a demon tethered to a dead person? Or something. Unclear.
    • Neither Cloak nor Dagger seem particularly interested in reconnecting with their brother.
    • Also, every time Jack sees them it appears to trigger a massive breakdown. But, that probably makes sense.
  • After their father’s death, the two brothers had to do something and apparently fell in with someone named Beth, who had a group of adepts intent on bringing about the end of the world called CYGNUS.
    • Ann(ihilate) and Lloyd/Void/Trip-Fold are both members and have both met Aaron. He hates both of them, but who doesn’t hate adepts, right? (Sorry Jordan & Jax). The last member is a bodybag named (Hurri)Cain.
    • Neither brother can really articulate what their deal is. Nor can they tell you much about Beth, besides the fact that they’re kind of scared of her.
    • They were looking for Wraith too and apparently thought Dave would have him. Sorry about the “attacking everyone in the park” thing.
    • They have no idea what happened to Martin either.

Given that Cloak & Dagger had largely played nice once they got over the whole “we will destroy you with our reality-warping powers” business, and seemed to have loyalty to Beth primarily on the basis of her giving them food money, Aaron grabbed two thousand dollars out of their petty cash safe and told them to keep out of trouble.

Also, talking to Jack about Cloak & Dagger seems kind of futile. He is eager to know his brothers are okay and has obvious memory gaps. Oof.


It has thus far been a very long day, particularly since it started early in the morning, took a trip through Forest Park (and several trips to Elwood’s clinic), and went straight on through pain, tragic back stories, and whargh adepts. So, given that everyone was kind of on edge, and everyone had some reason to be mad with at least one of the other Problem Solvers (probably Aaron), they decided to go for dinner and talk things over in a place that wasn’t owned by Dave.

Oh, and, right. Suzie was there in the office the entire time.



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