2 Good 2 B True

Duke's Flight

Shakespeare & ink, old people, airplanes, and the disappearance of Duke Irvine III

Just another day…?

The Problem Solvers sat around a table in an anonymous office park—the third this month—flipping through Portland’s fine free periodicals and perusing various websites (or AUrachne), all on the lookout for something weird. There were a few possible leads: tattoo artists with mojo, young folks turning old, and another drug something-or-other.

Then Duke took a call, which was obviously alarming to him. He bolted abruptly, offering no explanation. He just kept saying, “I need to leave. I need to leave.”

Airfield Adventures

The Problem Solvers realized that Conner was both good at driving and savvy enough to handle trailing their wealthy, well-connected coworker (Jordan is almost certainly a better driver, given his experience as an EMT, but the extent to which he is “savvy” or even “observant” are debatable).

So, he took off, trailing Duke several hours. Eventually, he pulled off into a private airfield in a field in the middle of nowhere Oregon. Said airfield was obviously well-guarded, but Conner was confident in his ability to win people over, so he got out of his car to take a better look.

Two guards approached him, James Borst and Morris Pond. The first wanted nothing to do with Conner, but the second was won over by Conner’s apparent love of aviation. The two exchanged numbers and Morris promised to look him up on Aviation-Nation, the number one forum for aviation enthusiasts.

Although Conner came back without having managed to get any identifying information on Duke’s plane, the Problem Solvers realized that someone somewhere had to have it, lest there be tragic plane crashes. Jordan’s drug connections came through yet again when he remembered Cody Shadle, an air traffic controller at Pearson Airfield in Vancouver, WA.

To ink or not to ink

Aaron and Kenji went off in search of a tattoo artist who apparently has some pretty intense mojo, something involving Avatars. They found two promising hits, Curtis Ray and Zelma Sy. They ended up seeing Curtis first, since they managed to get an introduction from his ex-girlfriend, Faith Bludworth.

Curtis’ work had obvious occult influence and it was the super legit old school kind, but he was more into Shakespeare than Avatars. After showing obvious anxiety, he finally told the two that they were probably looking for an artist who goes by Wunderlich. He warned them to approach with caution, though, because he means business.

Demetrius Cane’s home for rad 80somethings

Kate ended up checking out Demetrius Cane, who’d recently opened up an assisted living home on Hawthorne. There was some worry about evil wizards making the young grow old, but if that’s the case then he isn’t one of them.

Kate brought Garfield, much to the delight of Demetrius and the rad old people. He hopes both she and her cat will become regular visitors.

Jordan talks about drugs again

Jordan made a call or several and is apparently getting something from DJ Rise. “Something” obviously being drugs because Jordan.



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