2 Good 2 B True


Angry Dave, Bobbie's problem, damn kids, AHHHGROSSAHHHHHGODNOOOO

Well, that’s awkward…

The Problem Solvers (sans Duke, who is still MIA) were hanging around, doing their thing, when they heard shouting from the hall, which turned out to be Dave and Bobbie. This was odd because Dave was generally pretty okay at keeping his cool, although it is common knowledge that Bobbie is obnoxious, so, maybe it was to be expected.

Bobbie’s Problem

Dave walked in, sat down, and told them that he was very sorry but they all had to try to solve a problem for Bobbie. He insinuated that Bobbie was holding back very important information about the well being of Portland and refused to play ball unless Dave helped solve his problem. Dave also implied that they should try to find other leverage to use and possibly suggested violence (or, at the very least, had Jack join them).

Jack walked in and mentioned Bobbie had his bodybag body guard, Nadia Savidge.

The Problem Solvers did what they do best and tried to figure out how to solve their problem by finding some leverage. Apparently Bobbie was trying to get a coin to a plutomancer named Lester Silver, but the coin never showed up. Instead the courier, Tessa Ballerini turned up dead in a ditch. And, so, they figured they could get the upper hand.

Except, when Bobbie walked in, his problem was surprising: Bobbie wanted them to find Wraith, who has been missing for three months or so.

“Why am I doing it this way? Because I’m suspicious Dave had something to do with Wraith’s disappearance. If I’m right, once I give up the thing he wants then he’ll have no incentive to get my brother back.”

Well, that’s awkward.

Speaking of awkward, Aaron was all like, “Oh okay yeah, we’ll help you, this makes sense, let’s save Wraith.” And then Conner was like, “Wait, wtf? We work for Dave, what are you doing dumbass.” Conner tried to reveal their leverage, Aaron immediately assured Bobbie they’d do what he wanted, and the two ended up having a slapfest in the hallway.

Wraith’s apartment

The Problem Solvers decided to check out Wraith’s apartment, which was creepily clean given that he’d been missing for three months. Also, Wraith’s apartment is just kind of creepy. There’s a lot of fabric hanging from the ceiling and objects that look ritually significant.

While people were looking around, an attacker had been lurking outside. Kate looked through the peephole on the door, saw him, and acted. He proved to be no problem for the patented Kate takedown, although he also seemed to have no problem with Aaron’s gun in his face.

Also, there was a skinner in the closet. Jack was taken down first, Jordan failed to check the closet when he went to check to make sure Jack wasn’t dead, and Jordan ended up getting slapped with an epideromancer blast. At this point, Jordan got a chance to show off his stuff, did a bunch of drugs, stopped the skinner dead in his tracks, kept his hand from falling off, and stopped the third assailant from escaping.

In which everyone freaks the fuck out

So, there was some interrogation. The skinner is a kid named Stanley Beauregard whose sister disappeared and definitely seems to be amateur hour. The other two, Suzie Kranwinkle and Martin were friends (and a couple, apparently). Of all of them, Suzie definitely seemed to be the most bad ass (poor Stanley looked like he was going to cry) and Martin seemed to be totally weird or something.

Except, by that, we mean someone had rigged his brain or heart or all of his internal organs to explode the moment he was going to reveal anything he shouldn’t. So, when Jordan turned his charm up to 11 (with drugs, of course), Martin went boom all over everything. Gross.

Also, terrifying. And, not only in that “oh god I am actually covered in someone else’s blood and guts and oh god is that an eyeball” kind of way, but also in that way where it turns out someone has the kind of mojo to do something as terrible as that.

Kenji, anyone?



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