Aaron Garner

Avatar of the Gambler, Dave's Lieutenant, Swell Guy(?)


Aaron plays a lot of things close to his chest, but people who know him might have figured out some of the following.

Obsession: The Tell. Know the risks and payouts, make the optimal choices, and the world is your oyster – but so often the vital piece of information is hidden behind someone else’s poker face. You’ve got to keep your eye’s out for the cracks in other people’s information armor while keeping your own guard up. (linked skill: Takes One to Know One)

Personality: Aquarius: easygoing, loyal, unorthodox.


Rage: Bullies and braggarts. You’ve got power (money, muscle, whatever) and that should be enough without getting your kicks at the expense of those without.

Fear: Poverty (Helplessness). There’s poor, and there’s desperate. He’s seen desperate.

Noble: Family. Once he counts someone in, he means it, and he doesn’t bail.

Stat Descriptors: Solid, Quick Hands, Eyes on the Angles, Cosmo-Aguia-Sophia-(more)


Poor white kid from Chicago with a minor in Math/CS and a major in the Gambler. Now employed as a professional Unknown Armies character.

Father was a deadbeat stage magician. Started learning card tricks to impress him; discovered early that he wasn’t worth impressing, and you could triple your allowance if you cheated at cards instead. While sharking back-room poker games, stumbled in to one where people played for souls, years, memories. He won and lost wonders.

He walked away with everything he came in with, plus a vague sense of unreality and “a run of good luck” that, if he didn’t dream the whole thing, let him afford a swank west-coast liberal arts education.

Reed College led him to Wraith, and Alicia, and Dave. He’s been a Problem Solver for three years, rising to be part of Dave’s inner circle.

Created the AUrachne web research tool with Jerri Bressler.

Aaron Garner

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