Jordan Reynolds

Narcomancer, Drug Dealer, Cryptic Motherfucker


Jordan is an ex-Reedie, of Aaron’s year, who dropped out of his pre-med program after Sophmore year. He spent the next two years working as an EMT and experimenting with an ever-increasing variety of controlled substances. During this time, he met and became friends with such Portland Personages as DJ Rise and Icarus. He also became familiar with this dude Ink (although friends isn’t quite the right word). After a few months of peripheral contact, Jordan got his hands on some “good shit” Ink was peddling and had a rather transcendental experience.

Since then, Jordan’s quit the EMT business and gone into business for himself, mostly dealing in heavy shit to the Portland Weird (and the occasional member of the Elite), although he occasionally sells more mundane drugs to the non-enlightened when in need of cash or contacts. Jordan has no fixed base of operations, although he can generally be reached by cellphone for existing customers or found at DJ Rise’s shows. He also serves as a sort of unofficial medic for the Portland Weird, for those times when it wouldn’t be a great idea to take someone to the hospital. He generally charges for his services, but has been known to take charity cases rarely. Between his dealing and fixing businesses, Jordan knows a lot of people around Portland.

Recently, Jordan has expanded his operation slightly by taking on Alice Williams as an apprentice dealer. Alice serves as Jordan’s dealer in The Gleam, where she’s a regular. Jordan hopes that this will help him expand to dealing more for the Portland Elite.

Jordan Reynolds

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