Katherine "Kate" Voorhees

Lady-bro do-gooder


Obsession: Fighting. “I love fighting. I love the blood, I love the heat, I love breaking shit. It’s the only thing I’ve ever been good at, and the fact that it never makes anything better just fucking kills me.Strong Female Protagonist
(Linked Skill: Hockey Brawl)

Personality: Captain Awesome. A stalwart, fratty ally of that which is good.


Rage: Threatened Friends. Beat on Kate all you like, she can take it. Do not fuck with her friends.

Fear: Amputation. (Helplessness) Oh god oh god if I have no arm what am I good for?

Noble: Straightening Out Douchebags. “Look bro, you need to make a change in your life. Shift your attitude!”

Stat Descriptors: Buff, Hockey Player, Chillaxed, Blithely Compassionate


If you are a douchebag in Portland, well, that’s not really special (hipsters were being d-bags before it was cool, man). If you’re an occult douchebag, though, eventually Kate Voorhees will be around to straighten you out.

Is she magic? No. Not that anyone can tell, at least.
She is big, fast, and convinced of the innate goodness of humanity. People just need a chance, bro! Some people, admittedly, seem uninterested in listening to Kate’s reasonable advice until after they’ve been forcibly disarmed and restrained. But what can you expect from douchebags, right?

Got a management degree from [place] on a hockey scholarship.
Entered the Portland Weird by way of a friendship with Dee.
Apparently knew the perp in the DC Bombing?

She has a cat! Garfield is awesome! Kate does not understand when people say Garfield is a dumb name for a cat. He is big and orange! It is perfect! (Also he is making her kinda psychic not sure maybe those fanciers are on to something)

Kate and Kenji are kind of an item. Kate thinks Kenji is smart and adorable and anyway life is better when you have someone to party with.

Katherine "Kate" Voorhees

2 Good 2 B True spaige