Wraith & Bobbie’s mother… ish. She showed some clear preferences, or something. She’s also probably a terrible person(?), has access to an otherspace, and at one point was a very powerful Avatar, in addition to heading up CYGNUS, although god only knows why she thinks the last thing is a good idea. Probably because she is, by all estimates, a very unstable woman.

You know she was (or possibly still is) an Avatar of the Avenging Widow, which gives her mad sympathy points when her family is concerned. She mentioned something about ascending as this archetype, but it is unclear what that all means.

You know she has some sort of ritual/powers/control over her otherspace that allows her to do something involving a stage and Adepts/Avatars.

You know she has powers that allow her to control her followers by using a phrase— you saw her knock out Trip-Fold and get Dagger to go murder-nation on his poor younger brother. She said something about “agreements.”

You know she kidnapped Wraith and was injecting him with some weird magic-blocking fluid.

You know she really hates Avatars (possibly just “conscious” Avatars?).

She may or may not be trying to frame Dave and/or Lucy.


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