Beth Otherspace

The time you went in, it looked like a theatre, with several rows of chairs in the audience, a stage, curtains, and even a spotlight.

If certain folks stepped on stage, they started completing some sort of ritual (?), although it isn’t entirely clear what the point was. When people were on stage, people who were sitting in the audience would feel compelled to sit and observe theatre etiquette (although that may have been Beth’s influence). You did notice that Cain had no interest in stepping onto the stage, even when it was a poor strategic decision. That being said, he’s a bodybag, so strategy isn’t his forte.

The spotlight seemed an important part of whatever was going on with the stage and stopped when it was disabled. No one ever figured out if it was operated by a person or remotely.

So far, you’ve seen Beth access her otherspace by using chalk to draw a square on the ground (something that Lady Napalm did too), but Trip-Fold appeared to access it by going behind a curtain at her house. Also, Bobbie managed to access it somehow, but that probably had something to do with demons, knowing him.

Beth Otherspace

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