Bobbie's Briefcase

Consider this the contents of Bobbie’s briefcase… at least the parts that didn’t burst into ethereal flames after the door to the Otherspace shut. There are two major components: Bobbie’s Notebook and Bobbie’s Ledger. You also have a few of Bobbie’s Contracts, but figuring out what language they are in, deciphering them, and figuring out what they mean will take some time and research.

In addition, you have the following letter from Bobbie:


Time is a harsh mistress and I do not have time to put these in better order, for which I apologize. However, I think you may find information that will help you move forward. At the very least, it will help you identify people who might be useful contacts, alive or not-so-much. For the latter, I’ve included a demon summoning ritual, should you decide you want to try it. Honestly, though, I suggest you find a bodybag willing to do it for you— less messy, less likely to get you personally worse-than-killed, added bonus of letting some adept get his/her freak on while also helping the greater good.

I’m not one for sentimentality, but, please tell my brother I apologize for doing a shitty job of showing him how much I cared. I’d trade almost anything for one last chance to talk with him and I hope you all can take better care of him than I could.

Also, do the world a favor and put Beth down in as humiliating and painful a way as you possibly can. She has a lot of enemies, but she’s also scary as hell so people haven’t given her what she deserves yet.

Anyway, I’m about to be something halfway between a hero and a fool. If you want to try follow up with the demon who so kindly provided me this one-way ticket, you’re going to have to talk to Trevor. I am so sorry.



Bobbie's Briefcase

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