Would you be my friend?

Felix Hunter, better known as “Cloak” is Dagger’s and Jack’s younger brother. If you ask him, he’ll ignore his taboo and tell you that he was born August 8th, 1989 and that he was three weeks early. He’ll tell you a lot of things about himself, as much as you want to know. Even though he seems competent at wielding his mojo, he’s kind of terrible at not blowing all his charges by violating his Personamancer taboo.

For instance, did you know that he attended middle school with Aaron Garner? Or, at least, they did most of 6th grade together, before Felix Hunter just stopped attending classes. Most people assumed that he’d moved— it seemed like his family moved a lot. Then, three years later, the story broke about his father being a serial killer and no one really knew what to think. Last anyone heard, Felix and Ben Hunter were missing, Jack was dead, and hopefully Ed got what was coming to him.

Cloak, meanwhile, is eager and friendly, if kind of impulsive. In spite of their obvious philosophical differences, Cloak is dedicated to his brother and the two seem to work hard to take care of each other. That being said, Cloak can also assume the identity of others and rip off his face to reveal horrific unnatural something-or-other that hurts something awful.

In a tragic Beth-whammy & Epideromancer incident, Dagger tore apart poor little Cloak. Cloak’s body was shredded and left in an increasingly unstable otherspace.


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