Nihilists, but they believe in something?

A group who, if they aren’t the elaborate fantasy of Cloak and Dagger‘s imagination, is trying to bring about the end of the world. Details are hazy as to why this would be a good thing (`freedom’, apparently) and how this is going to happen (something to do with avatars.) Not local to Portland.

They kidnapped Stanley to lure the Problem Solvers out to Forest Park because they thought the Solvers had Wraith.

  • Cloak Derp. Personamancer.
  • Dagger Semi-derp. Epideromancer.
  • Anne Set all of Aaron’s nice things on fire. Annihilomancer.
  • Caine Caine like in hurricaine. Entropomancer.
  • “Void” Really likes computers, is a jerk, everyone should call him Lloyd.
  • Beth The mysterious leader!


2 Good 2 B True ThomasHobbes