Always wear gloves

Don’t call Dagger “Ben.” As he’ll point out, it’s a dick move. The last person who called him Ben was Ed Hunter, and he was a terrible person and has left Dagger with more bad memories than anyone his age should have. And, yes, he realizes that Cloak and Dagger are stupid names but, god, Cloak was 11 years old when he came up with them and would you deny your traumatized little brother a stupid superhero name just because it was kind of dumb?

Unlike his brother, Dagger is both a skilled adept and guards his mojo with meticulous care. You’ve never seen him inflict mortal harm and he hasn’t used any of those terrifying fleshworker spells you’ve heard of— the ones that stick— but you wouldn’t put it past him. Whereas Cloak’s personality bubbles to the surface, Dagger just talks with the same tone, the same expression, and always seems to be on guard.

Even when he talks about the past, he doesn’t talk about himself. He’ll talk about places and events but, ironically, he hides his truest self better than his Personamancer brother.

While suffering from what appears to be one of Beth’s mind-whammies, Dagger tragically exploded Cloak. His little brother’s corpse was left behind when everyone fled the collapsing otherspace. Dagger fled in the confusion, and is now missing presumed extremely traumatized.


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