Leader of the Portland Elite, guardian of Portland’s independence, and your boss.

Well-connected weirdo who solves weird problems for rich weirdos. Probably in his early-fifties and, save a nine-year absence, a Portland mainstay who hires promising 20somethings as problem-solving minions.

Dave has three full-time employees in addition to his contractors, who are commonly referred to as his “lieutenants:” Duke Irvine III, Conner Atwood, and Aaron Garner.

It is rumored that Detective Anders is on Dave’s payroll. True or no, Detective Anders does tend to show up at the right time and intervene on Dave’s behalf an awful lot.

There are rumors that Dave is related to the 2009 bomber, but those are largely dismissed as slander.

Dave Higgins cultivated relationships among Portland’s Elite Underground (AKA the rich weirdos with weird rich people problems) and forged alliances at a time when Portland’s independence was in jeopardy. His power base grew, as did their loyalty, until he mysteriously disappeared at the end of 1999.

In 2009 he suddenly reappeared, much to the relief of the Portland Elite who were wary of his “replacement,” Lucy. Once he returned, he immediately began to re-establish his role and hired a number of contractors (or “Problem Solvers”) to help increase his power base within Portland.

By 2012, he and Lucy were more and more at odds. They had dramatically different views about the role of the occult underground in the city. As time went on, their followers grew further apart and rumors of treachery, deceit, and violence became a common occurrence.

However, in August of 2012, just as it was looking like Lucy and Dave’s clash could turn violent, an outside threat to Portland’s independence forced them to put their disagreements aside and find a way to work together. Dave put together a team that included individuals known to be loyal to Lucy and began working to save Portland from the very divisions he was instrumental in causing.


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