Duke Irvine III

Well connected and fabulously wealthy A mess

Duke Irvine III Fitzgerald was born into incredible privilege and appears to have a natural aptitude for knowing the right people, although most of the time he kind of just seems like a dick.

The Irvine family is old-school Occult Underground. The West Coast branch is a longstanding mainstay of the Portland Elite, possibly even one of the “founding families,” if such a thing exists. a fantasy created by Duke’s mother, a powerful Cliomancer named Viola after his father, Irvine died mysteriously when Duke was eleven.

At this point, he’s not sure what parts of his life were real and what parts were lies. At this point, he’s guessing it was mostly all lies.

However, at this point, Duke Irvine III is the only remaining member of the West Coast side. His father died suddenly and rumor has it that his death was some form of murder, probably of the brutal sort. His mother disappeared soon after, leaving Duke to be raised with the East Coast some eccentric uncle from the East Coast branch of his family.

Nevertheless, Duke Irvine III is fabulously wealthy and has extensive national and international occult connections. He was a 5th generation Harvard student, mentored by an occult legend (Constantine Gore), and was considered well-accomplished before he immediately became an obvious favorite of Dave upon his return to the Pacific Northwest.

That being said, no one is really sure why Duke is working with Dave in the first place, given his numerous assets, although some people say it has to do with the mystery surrounding his parents.

Known/Possible Drama-llamas Lies, all lies?

  • Although Constantine Gore supposedly mentored Duke at Harvard, the two have since split ways and appear to have some sort of quarrel. If Duke seemed to have any strong opinions, one would guess it was ideological, but it is rather unclear.
  • Ophelia Nobel and her husband, Constantine, are rich weirdos out on the East Coast who seem resent the attention that the Irvines have gotten. As a result, Ophelia has a bit of a vendetta going as she tries to find evidence that the Irvines aren’t as cool as people think they are.
  • There are rumors that Duke had some run in slash entanglement with infamous mastermind Alex Abel. This is merely speculation, however.
  • Whatever happened to his father was a big deal and might have provoked the attention of the Sleepers. But given that no one knows what happened to his father, no one knows if this is true or not.
  • Some people claim that Bobbie and Duke had a significant falling out after what looked like a profitable partnership.

Duke Irvine III

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