Cheer up, emo kid Never mind, be as sad as you want

Jack is Lucy’s bodyguard, although he doesn’t have the passion, zeal, and zest that her followers usually have. He is subdued, leaning gloomy or sulky depending on how you look at it. He doesn’t talk much, but he has a killer shot. If there’s anything weird-weird about him, it involves his uncanny ability to never miss a shot. If he wants someone dead, they end up dead.

Actually, the weird-weird-est thing about him is that he’s apparently been 19 years old since 2005, after trying to kill his father, Ed Hunter. He also has two brothers, Cloak and Dagger, but when he sees them he immediately has an inconsolable meltdown and eventually passes out.

Beyond that, there’s something off about him, but no one has really figured out what it is, nor do they know how or why he ended up working for Lucy in the first place. No one really even knows where he came from.

Maybe if there’s a gunslinger archetype— like the kind you see in anime?


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