Everett Frumm had a problem: lizards were disappearing out of his reptile colony. Confident of their inestimable value, he came to Dave. Even though Frumm is solidly in the Portland Weird, the Problem Solvers were put on the case (their first case, in fact).

It turned out that Ed Skutter, a member of Ma Skutter’s infamous Skutter Clan, was sneaking off with the lizards and trying to sell them off to people who believed there was a ritual involving red wine and cooking that gave you visions. He was hocking lizards out of the back of his van, boxed wine included.

After a cross-county chase, the Problem Solvers caught Ed and returned all but two of the lizards to Frumm (one had been sold, one escaped).

Oh, and, for the record, Ed was right. If you saute a lizard liver in a red wine reduction, you do see a vision. Unfortunately, it is a glimpse of the lizard’s life, from the point of view of the lizard. So, unless you’re really keen on seeing Frumm’s basement, you’d best find some other ritual.


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