Leader of the Portland Weird and charming to boot.

Fire spinner turned leader-type, often referred to as the public face of the Portland Weird (and, technically, “Portland Weird” is supposed to refer to “followers of Lucy,” since she is a powerful Avatar of the True King, although there is a large bunch of people who identify as the Weird, which seems fine to Lucy).

Lucy believes in inclusion, unity, and protecting the outcasts, freaks, and misfits of the world. She takes a liberal view towards magick and believes that an ideal world is one where everyone can have access to it, particularly those who are otherwise marginalized. Unlike Portland’s other True King, Dave, Lucy is especially kind to Adepts, who often come to their power through hardship, suffering, and a shitty support network. That being said, Lucy is not tolerant of those who harm the innocent and the weak.

Lucy arrived in Portland in January of 2000 and drew her following with endless cheerfulness and a kind, magnetic smile. In 2009, though, she went through a notable change— most say that she became a conscious Avatar— although her general principles stayed the same.

Everyone knows that Lucy has been dating Dee for years now. Not everyone realized that Dee has been missing for the past two months.


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