Ma Skutter

Why don’t you sit down and have something to eat, dear. Then we can talk business.

Else “Ma” Skutter is the latest to carry the mantle of Mother of Mothers of the Skutter Clan. Like her ancestors, going back to old Else, she’s one part maeterfamilias, one part mob boss, and one part cult leader. Born before the G.Is were done giving Hitler what for, she’s showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. She runs the Skutters with an iron fist in an oven mitt holding a plate of cookies.

What You Hear

Word is that her younger sister Cathy Skutter made a play for the mantle five decades ago and hasn’t been seen since. There might be more than fertility idols buried in Ma Skutter’s cellar. It certainly wouldn’t be the first person she’s had put in the ground.

Ma Skutter’s got a ritual that can add years of life if she eat a feminist’s heart. The victim also has to be a virgin, but only by whatever definition she uses.

She’s slept with every commissioner in Clackamas, Marion, Yamhill, Washington, and Tillamook counties since she took the mantle on in the sixties (they’ve had lot less fun in the last twenty years). And each time, she establishes a ritual link to them that she can use to ruin their lives.

Ma Skutter

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