Problem Solvers

You guys!

Well, okay, so some of you are more like “contractors” this time around. But, you all work for Dave and pretty much everyone refers to the people who work for Dave as the Problem Solvers.

Problem Solvers do whatever Dave wants, which usually involves solving weird rich people problems (AKA the Portland Elite). So, they do things like find Wellington and then Dave pays them boatloads of money.

Dave does have an “inner circle” who most people refer to as his lieutenants. Right now, these three are Conner Atwood, Aaron Garner, and Duke Irvine III.

Conner Atwood
Aaron Garner
Duke Irvine III
Jordan Reynolds
Katherine “Kate” Voorhees

The Problem Solvers solve problems. Here are some problems that they’ve solved.

Embezzler? I Hardly
Where’s Wellington?
Bring The Cat Back Alive
Austin Ieber and the Sunglasses of Power
Early Cases
Trombone Deathslide
Open Files
Wraith’s Disappearance
Coin of the MacGuffin

Problem Solvers

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