Skutter Clan

Not Your Average Hicks

Five generations of Skutters have lived and died in the rural counties southwest of Portland, but the clan didn’t start there. They’re of Appalachian stock originally, but emigrated en masse to the neighborhood in the 20’s. Rumor is that they were getting the wrong end of a backwoods moonshine war. Either the war or the transit across the country to distant relatives in Clackamas county cost them the then-patriarch, Great Grandpa Ezekiel Skutter, leaving his wife in charge of the whole extended family.

Great Grandma Else Skutter led the family through the Great Depression, the second World War, and the the following boom. While doing it she passed down to her Oregonian descendants a culture of ancient matriarchal hill witchcraft (that she may or may not have made up as she went along). It’s said that buried in each Skutter cellar is one of those big-bellied fertility figurines – and probably more than just the Skutter cellars, because when a Skutter girl marries, the last name changes but the family loyalty stays strong. The clan was probably some kind of weird before they left Appalachia, because they combine strong family values and old-school difference feminism with double handful of occult knowledge that didn’t come from nowhere.

What They’ve Got

The Skutters are one part rural extended family, one part criminal gang, and one part cult. They came out of the hard times of the 30’s owning diverse straight businesses (lumber, dairy, farming, brewing) through a combination of strong-arm tactics, hard work, and hexes. Nowadays they run guns, meth, and rare ritual components alike into Portland and try to find nice girls to marry their sons and join the Sisterhood.

In terms of mystic throw-weight, they know a lot of rituals and have a large number of Avatars of the Mother. They don’t really go in for adepts – most of the kind they find nowadays are the wrong kind of weird – but they always keep at least one in the family to power their Significant rituals (including the old agricultural mainstays). Currently, that’s Ezekiel “Skunk” Skutter, Ma Skutter’s boozehound kid brother. They’ve never gotten ahold of a charging ritual, if they’ve even heard of one. If they’d had a lead, they’d probably be scarier than average about chasing it.

They don’t have much interest in Portland proper (which, the Skutters sneer, is lucky for Dave and Lucy, and some Portland dukes look at the infighting and concede the point). They have a reputation as insular, clued-in, and tough-but-fair. This, of course, depends on the Skutter you’re dealing with – Ed’s hardly a chip off the block.

What You Hear:

Every Skutter woman is a proxy of every other Skutter woman. Do not, DO NOT target them with long-range mojo; if you end up hitting little Suzy Skutter, you might as well eat your gun and save yourself the trouble of having them catch you.

Ma Skutter’s been talking to priestesses from Cult of the Goddess and the Sect of the Naked Goddess. She might be arranging (or fighting?) a buyout, purge, or hostile takeover.

Word is Skunk Skutter’s liver is failing. You got mojo and want a cushy earlier retirement with more hillbilly tail than you can handle? Ma Skutter’s hiring.

The Skutters can get you tsuwiri, the bad peyote you can use to sic entropics on people. That’s terrifying, because that probably means they can do that to you.


Ma Skutter
Skunk Skutter
Ed Skutter

Skutter Clan

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