At midnight on August 5th, 2012 something strange happened. Like, strange even by Portland standards. The rose test garden in the middle of Ladd’s Addition was suddenly full of sleepwalkers, all of whom lived on the same street.

After a second night of sleepwalking, Pansy Lynn, a concerned resident of Ladd’s Addition contacted the Problem Solvers. With the help of Trombone Deathslide, the residents were roused, the sleepwalking ceased, and Ladd’s Addition returned to being probably just Portland weird (seriously, how could you see Ladd’s Addition and not realize something weird-weird was going on?). Detective Anders helped deal with the citations for disturbing the peace and performing without a permit, although he’s apparently pretty grumpy when he doesn’t get enough sleep.

Oh, also, it probably isn’t relevant, but all of the sleepwalkers own cats.

Oh, and, no one actually knows why they were sleepwalking.


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