The Gleam

Swanky, fashionable, upscale, fabulous and admittance by invitation mostly.

The Gleam is the place where the hippest Elite go, along with some of the classier Weird. Or, at least, this is what everyone who goes to the Gleam says and what everyone who goes to the Gleam wants people to think.

Honestly, if you aren’t a regular and you have an invite, you’ll probably wonder just where the Gleam’s patronage actually come from. For the most part, you only ever see them there.

A few people are real, at least. Ink used to deal something that was said to give you a semi-religious experience slash the weirdest trip of your life, but recently you only see Jordan Reynolds providing the “party enhancers.” Alice Williams is a Gleam mainstay, although she mostly seems to get people to buy her drinks and drugs.

Additionally, Bobbie tends to show up there. He has a booth in the VIP room, although his booth is (oddly) significantly less douchey-creepy-dude-like than the other booths in the VIP room. He either meets clients there or just sits alone, sipping a drink. Odd.

One reason people might go to the Gleam is that it is the only place that can legitimately play the music of DJ Rise. But, really, you should just see a live show.

The Gleam

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