Infomancer, Digital Platonist, Pro Troll

I [don’t] give a damn about the state of the Earth
expect a hacker has to wreck it just to teach it what it’s worth. – MC Frontalot

Trip-Fold (aka 3fold, 333fold, tripfold333, and so on) is an Infomancer, an adept that operates through the transformation of ideas into media, the realms of perception and cognition. They mostly get their charges through culture jamming, aka hacking the anima mundi. She’s an expert in the magical and mundane ways modern information technology can change the way we think about and perceive the world.

She’s also a (former?) member of CYGNUS. She even wrote it’s manifesto. Among other things, she used that to correct Aaron’s previous misperceptions of her gender.

I realize this will not Please you— you will not appreciate the Noise. But, for fuck’s sake you bag of cocks, check your myopic expectations at the door, I’ve got two tits and a vagina and call myself a woman. [attached is a picture of what you assume is Trip-Fold/Void/Lloyd’s body, naked, from the shoulders down]

She lives in Portland, or somewhere nearby, and although few have met him face-to-face she maintains some contact with the Portland Weird. You met her. She lives in the basement of an otherwise empty house in North Portland. She delights in public, disruptive, and controversy-provoking displays of her prowess, usually digitally but sometimes with a physical component via recruited help. She’s known as a pomo, new-media artist and maybe hacktivist and is occasionally wanted by the law in connection with her “art.”

She’s hard to get along with, both because she’s a smug prick with vestigial social skills and because she maintains a philosophy which is basically a nerd’s might-makes-right where the tech-savvy are inheritors of the tradition of blood-nobility and can get all droit up in the sheeples seigneur if it suits their fancy.

It’s actually a little bit more complicated and woo-wooey than that, as befits an adept. 333fold believes in a sort of Platonic higher Plane, of which this world is a mere reflection or shadow. The path to enlightenment, to seeing the true way of things, is to slice and dice and remix the shadows until the transcendent pattern emerges. Like Plato, she thinks only a select few are going to be wise enough to break their chains, escape the cave, and see the world as it is.

Unlike Plato, she doesn’t believe that this transcendent truth includes morality. This leaves the capital-W Wise not benevolent Philosopher-Kings but Nietzsche-style supermen who partake of the higher reality and therefore just better then all those plebes looking at pictures on the wall in firelight. They could try to save a few others, and maybe some’ll cut the mustard, but if they want to rattle the chains, put on make grotesque shadow shows with their hands, and set some of the usual cut-outs on fire that’s their prerogative.

She crossed paths with Aaron Garner when Aaron thought she (Aaron thought it was a he) might be of help in upgrading the tech-savviness of Dave’s organization. They didn’t get along.

So, you’ve met her, like, in person. And, like the rest of CYGNUS, she has a tragic backstory. Apparently her father was a Godwalker of the Executioner. Worse, he forced her to be an extra set of hands and help him on jobs. She shot him when she was 13.


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