Trombone Deathslide

Portland post-revival neo-folk grunge rock bluegrass band (aka, “indie”). Although they’ve been existed in one form or another since 2008, Trombone Deathslide has only started getting real attention this in 2012.

Much to the dismay of Bill Murray (no relation), their self-proclaimed “biggest fan,” they were offered a record deal with a semi-legitimate label in August of 2012. Fueled by hipster-rage, Bill Murray attempted a hex on the band to keep them from “going mainstream.” Luckily, Dave’s Problem Solvers were able to put Bill in his place and keep Trombone Deathslide from wallowing for eternity in obscurity.

As a thank you, Trombone Deathslide helped the Problem Solvers give a rambunctious wake up to the Sleepwalkers over in Ladd’s Addition.

Current Members

  • Isabella Jo Reeves, trombone/lead vocals (no, really, you have to see it to believe it)
  • Bruno Weber, bass/cowbell
  • Barrett Sloan, washboard/backup vocals
  • Manuel Sparks (Sparky, obvs), guitar/keytar/pyrotechnics
  • Cyrus Downs, banjo/gravelly yelling

Previous Names

  • Sick Except Ambiance
  • Skeleton Moment/Empty Artist
  • Something Of The Proverbial
  • Untold Goddess, Previous Exile

Trombone Deathslide

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