Local Wierdo

Distinctive and strange. You can’t miss him in a crowd— outrageous clothes, brimming with “personality,” and not trying at all to fit in.

Apparently Wraith is named William, but no one you know calls him that, save maybe his brother, Bobbie, if they ever actually interact.

He probably came from someone, but the last thing you heard about him is that he almost got kicked out of Reed College for starting a cult or a riot or something (he also appears to have been friends with Aaron Garner, which is strange friendship for anyone who knows both of them). He majored in Dance-Theater, probably graduated, and started showing up all over the Portland Underground. He has an apartment but no apparent source of income, although he has a knack for occult gossip and is remarkably well-connected.

Or, rather, “was.” He disappeared in June of 2012 and if anyone knows where he went they certainly aren’t talking about it.


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