1. The only characters we are making actual character pages for are your PCs. Everyone else should be a Wiki page, like Detective Anders or Dave.
  2. If you click on the “Wiki” tab, you’ll notice some handy dandy tags, so you can easily find a “place” like Ladd’s Addition or a “job” like Lizardnapping.
  3. There are also tags for “contacts,” certain types of magick users, and whatever else you think will be useful or cool.

I hear you like XP

  • Update/add your PC to the Characters tab, complete with a description & whatever brief backstory you want people to know about and I will give you 2 XP.
  • If you add a page (or update/add to an existing page), I’ll give you 1 XP, up to 3 total for every session.
  • ALSO, since I am a fan of rewarding good work, for every page you add, I will tell you something interesting/useful/awesome relating to it. SECRETS, YO.
  • I realize we are busy people with busy lives and none of this is required, so don’t feel any pressure mmk. <3

2 Good 2 B True

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