Kenji McKillny



Friend of Oliver. Sometimes seen walking around neighborhoods with him.

Kenji is the Weeezard formerly known as Pat. He used to be a friendly and open fellow, just another one of the Problem Solvers, but then terrible badness happened to him that he can’t talk about. While he’s still a nice guy, he’s clearly more traumatized than the average bear. There may be a connection between his inability to talk about his past and the pre-explosive speechlessness of the late Martin.

These days, when people want to get an introduction to someone else in the Portland Weird or want to learn about something peculiar, they come to Kenji. He is usually able to give them the information that they need, or find it relatively quickly. He also offers assistance in finding lost items. His other magical expertise is offered to a more carefully selected clientele; you’d do well to either be his friend or come recommended by Lucy.

Kenji and Kate are totally a thing. What sort of thing they are is open to speculation, since they haven’t exactly made it clear to others. But anyone who pays much attention to them when the chips are down can tell that Kenji finds Kate’s relentless optimism and great store of faith and goodwill to be reassuring and comforting. Like the best fuzzy emotional blanket ever.

Kenji McKillny

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