Portland Elite

Weird Rich Person Problems or Rich Weird Person Problems?

The Portland Elite are, technically, Followers of Dave, where Followers (capital F) refers to those who have sworn fealty to Dave as the True King avatar. However, it has come to be a term used to refer to Portland’s wealthier occult population more generally, eventually leading to the nickname Portland Weird being given to Lucy’s Followers and their ilk.

Portland has a surprisingly large population of old-school, old-money occult types, most of whom live in the West Hills or in Eastmoreland, near Reed College. Most people attribute this to Portland’s relative independence, particularly with regards to groups like the Sleepers, which is probably why they are so deeply suspicious of Lucy and her philosophy of “sharing power.”

The Elite, as a rule, tend to keep to themselves (although some, like Edna Spinks have lots of tea parties and generally try to get people interacting with each other). In some cases, they’ve been dabbling in the occult for generations. They also like to keep whatever weirdness they have going on to themselves, and if people are talking about their business then Dave is almost certainly already trying to solve their problem. On the other hand, they do seem to have a knack for getting problems.

Portland Elite

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